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CA Mason believes obsolesence is a modern curse!, and is passionate about maintaining the life of manufactured objects which get discarded for the want of a small replacement part.
Having spent a lifetime developing a skill set and building engineering machining and metalworking solutions for a huge variety of machines and artefacts from vehicle parts, engineering parts, musical instruments and specialist tools.
By repairing and prolonging the life of consumer goods and tools, CA Mason has been green since before green was the new black!


CA Mason has helped many inventors with project ideas to develop using a wide experience of engineering solutions to realise the designers intentions, designing and providing components and machine parts to finish the project.


A long experience in designing and fabricating complex specialist machine tools for other craftsmen to use in their trade has equipped CA Mason to develop precision, reliability, and a robust build which is vital to this type of instrument for use in a production setting.

CA Mason has considerable experience in designing, machining and fabricating a wide range of products amd machine tools.


Machines often need replacement components to prolong their life. CA Mason believes obsolesence is a blight on the culture and has been green since before green was the new black!

Quite often it is difficult to source old macine and engine parts.
CA Mason have helped many enthusiasts keep their old and vintage tools and machines.

No job is too small, since no part of a working machine is considered less critical than another, and often the ability to replace a small critical component can save hundreds in Parts expense.

A customer needed piston replacements for a brake caliper, where precise fitting to existing components is critical. We were able to save him expense on new replacements with a turn around service of replacement pistons.

New bearing and nipple in old suspension link.



We are able to supply high quality metal fabrications in stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel. High quality and good service don’t just happen by accident, we ensure you always receive the best of both, We can give you advice at the planning stage on the most effective way of producing any item or we can work specifically to your designs. Once in production we are flexible enough to meet your deadlines and we always keep in touch with the progress of your work – whatever the size or type of job.


Spring Coils



Working and milling a range of materials for a diversity of products, services are not limited to metalworking.





C A Mason are often asked to supply parts no longer available from the original manufacturer. We have extensive experience building and machining parts from different metal bases.




Hand crafted Lap slide guitar custom made in association with Martin Thorne.

Martin Thorne and Andy Mason have worked together on mechanical and musical solutions for more then twenty years. When Andy heard and saw Martin playing a restored ten string zither, his interest in steam punk and retro tech led to the decision to design a metallic version, tough enough for the steam punk stage whilst retaining the audio quality required of a professional instrument.
This turned out to be a marriage of ideas, Martin's experience in electric blues guitar and also the Sitar and Tabla, plus Andy’s engineering skills and his interest in steam punk and retro tech, resulting in this exciting and worthy instrument.  

solid air3

Please enquire for more information on this unique design.