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C A Mason has been refining metalworking and machining skills over several decades on countless projects, and will bring this armoury of experience to any job that arrives in the workshop.

With a passion for repair, re-cycling, innovation, and a disdain for the culture of built in obsolescence, you will get a service that builds to last, and cares about maintaining things once they're built!

No job is too small, since it is often the case that things are discarded for the want of a small part which is no longer available as a spare.

The workshop is equiped with a comprehensive machine resource, and can deal with a diversity of needs to complete your order.

Phone and see how I can help you out.

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C A Mason has been designing and making an eclectic range of components, tools and artefacts for decades.


From geodesic domes and musical instruments, to windmills and traditional recorders, C A Mason has helped many customers bring their projects to completion.


The workshop is equipped to handle most fabrication challenges put to it!


Repairs to machine components which are no longer available, or which need modification is a speciality.

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